Though I’ve been a Christian for one third of my life at this point, I am still innately protective of my faith of origin. One of the most difficult parts of my Christian walk has been un-learning some of the antisemitic tropes that have crept into Christian thinking over the…

I don’t know about you, but the last four years of Donald Trump completely upended my life.

I learned that a few close childhood friends secretly believed I was a moral monster for not being a single-issue voter. I saw blatantly racist posts on social media from people I once…

I’m torn between two types of people I want to be: one who shows grace to those with differing opinions, and one who is firm in both conviction and setting healthy emotional boundaries.

How can one be both in this era?

Yet Another Identity Crisis

For me, this is another Jewish-versus-Christian issue, where both…

Every now and then, there is an event or a season in which I hearken back to my Jewish roots. It’s not that I shut down my Christian identity, but rather allow a part of me that normally lies dormant to temporarily take the stage.

The High Holy Days in…

Theology matters, but not for the reason you think

My “ Theology Matters “ shirt never fails to spark conversation or earn me funny looks. But I’m sure it’s frequently misunderstood.

I’ll give you a hint: “Theology matters” is not making a statement about Christian supremacy.

Religion News Service has an article describing how many American Christians are ambivalent…

Evangelical discomfort with uncertainty has become clearer to me in the few months that Covid-19 has ravaged the planet. For a community of people that are supposed to be “set apart” from the world — that is,

At the start of the year, scientists were in disagreement about how to…

Sarahbeth Caplin

Author, blogger, Anglican.

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